Why should you use our service/ why not purchase directly through a dealership?
Most people value their time and money. On average, a customer will spend between five and six hours at a dealership when purchasing a new vehicle. Our job is to have the entire process take less than 1 hour!

We expect customers to have a good idea of what they want. However, if you are in the beginning stages of shopping, and you are not sure which vehicle you desire, we can use our knowledge and resources to help you make an informed decision. Unlike a specific dealership, we can offer unbiased support regardless of make or model. We are not bound to any specific brand.

After you have decided on a particular make and model, we can get you “bottom-of-the-line” pricing in a matter of minutes. At a dealership you might spend hours negotiating and still not achieve our price. Remember, there is more to a deal than the selling price. We focus on all aspects of the entire deal structure!

Once we have secured your business, the selling dealership generates the documentation of the sale. At that point, you can take delivery of your new car at the selling dealership, at our location in Irvine, or we can arrange to have the vehicle delivered to your home or office. Bottom Line; We have the dealership go out of their way for you, and not the other way around!

Your comfort, convenience, and satisfaction are our only priorities.

What is our policy for meeting customer expectations?
Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We do not want to have to remind you to be “completely satisfied” (as in most dealer cases), we want you to be more than completely satisfied.

Our business relies on repeat and referral generated sales, therefore it is our priority to achieve 100% satisfaction with every deal we make. We expect our business relationships to be everlasting, and our customer and dealer interactions are conducted accordingly.

Where do the vehicles purchased through Fleet Direct come from?
All new vehicles sold or leased through Fleet Direct are from factory authorized new car dealerships within the state of California. All new vehicles sold or leased come complete with the full manufacturer’s new car warranties. All incentives and/or rebates still apply where applicable!

What do we charge for our service?
Our service is free! We waive our $195.00 Broker Fee to all internet buyers, referred customers, repeat business, and all public service agents (police officers, fire fighters, etc…)

Most Auto Brokers charge a service fee of $99.00-$200.00 in order to retain control of their shopping customers. We ask you to trust us, and therefore we must trust you!

Note: Our income is generated through commissions and referral fees paid by the selling dealership. Again, you pay us nothing!

How can we find the right vehicle at the right price?
We shop for the best deal comparing prices from as many dealerships as possible. Our low prices are possible due to dealers competing to retain our constant flow of business.

Using our extensive network of dealer relationships, we offer infinite options of color choice and equipment for any particular model. Having access to so many different inventories allows us the advantage of having no boundaries or bias within any specific brand.

Note: Fleet Direct Auto Brokers Inc. is licensed and bonded through the Department of Motor Vehicles for the State of California. The service we provide has been approved and authorized to represent you (the car buyer) in pricing, locating and arranging for delivery of the vehicle of your choice through franchised new/used automotive dealerships.

Can we assist in the pricing and locating of high demand vehicles?
Of Course! Vehicles that are in high demand, such as hybrids and highline exotic sports cars are our specialty.

Using a large network of dealers throughout all of California, we will find your car, regardless of scarcity due to extreme demand or limited supply. Let us make all the calls. Let us negotiate the deal. Our extensive network of dealer connections provides us many options in which to locate any desired vehicle.

If you already have dealer cost information, what benefits will using Fleet Direct provide?
There is more to a deal than invoice, or the selling price of the purchased vehicle. Purchasing a car based primarily on the selling price, without considering other factors that may apply can cost you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Dealerships are in business to make money. If a dealer saves you money on the selling price, they will try to make money on the financing rate or trade-in value. Our service is provided to help customers on all fronts of the negotiating process.

Our goal is to change the negative attributes people associate with the entire car buying experience, not limited to the negotiation process, but the whole picture.

Are you purchasing the new vehicle from Fleet Direct?
No, the actual purchase or lease of a new car or truck is made through a factory authorized new car dealership and not from Fleet Direct Auto Brokers Inc.

All checks are made out to the selling dealership. All contracts are created and submitted to the lending bank and DMV by the dealership.

Our service does not affect any dealer obligations or factory warranties. You will be able to service your new vehicle at any local dealer service department.

Do we take trade-ins? How can we get the most money for your trade?
Fleet Direct will negotiate with the selling dealership to insure you get the most for your trade-in. We will also contact other dealers and wholesalers to see if we can get a higher trade-in value or buy-bid.

We can also refer you to other avenues of selling your vehicle for the greatest possible return on your initial investment.

Do all manufacturer rebates apply when you purchase a new car through Fleet Direct?
Yes. All rebates, dealer incentives, and special programs relating to interest rates and money factors apply in all cases where applicable.

How can we find you competitive finance rates?
Note: All purchase contracts are made through the dealership providing the vehicle to be sold. The financing and leasing is arranged through banks authorized by the dealership.

We can help secure the best financing rate (APR) or money factor to insure that you are saving money in all facets of the deal. We negotiate with a broad band of dealers with many different bank options in order to offer you the best rates possible.

Note: No financial reserve or “packs”. All money offered at “buy-rate”.

Where do you take your vehicle for service under the manufacturer's factory warranty?
All new vehicles are covered under factory warranty (duration and/or mile requirements are based on particular manufacturer).

You can service your new vehicle at any authorized factory service department. We will introduce you to a service writer at your local dealer upon your request.

What is the MSRP, or "Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price?”
MSRP relates to the price that is posted on the window sticker. This price is generated by the factory.

Most negotiations at a dealer start at the retail price. New cars are one of few tangible items that are not purchased at MSRP.

Our price negotiations begin at factory invoice (or dealer cost).

In California, what is the definition of "NO COOLING OFF PERIOD?”
“No Cooling-off Period
California law does not provide for a “cooling-off” or other cancellation period for vehicle lease or purchase contracts. Therefore, you cannot later cancel such a contract simply because you change your mind, decide the vehicle costs too much, or wish you had acquired a different vehicle. After you sign a motor vehicle purchase or lease contract, it may only be canceled with the agreement of the seller or lesser or for legal cause, such as fraud.”
11709.2 California Vehicle Code