"This was our first new car purchase and it couldn't have been easier!We were not looking forward to the dealer hassles we've all heard about, but did our due diligence, researched our vehicle on the internet and then visited a couple of dealers.Fleet Direct's price was $1500 less than both dealers, and the car was delivered to our door, in Ventura County!As far as I am concerned, we got the best price and the best service by using Fleet Direct."

Dave B.
Mazda CX-9 Touring

"I appreciated the good service with quick follow through and follow up so I knew what was happening either by phone or e-mail. I am very satisfied with the service I received. I am happy with the product and got what I was expecting. The dealer also followed up and their part of it was excellent as well."

Dona F.
Toyota Corolla LE

"I highly recommend using Rami Baroudi for any automobile purchase. His knowledge of the various makes and models enabled me to make the best decision for me. He is very professional and responsive. I am pleased with my new car and he helped in making that decision."

Paula P.
Honda CR-V AWD

“Most of you know that I bought a new car about a month ago (yes, Friday the 13th!) and it has definitely proved to be a Good Luck Day J 

What most of you may Not know is that I used a company by the name of Fleet Direct http://buyfleetdirect.com/ (referred by a friend/co-worker) – who not only got me the most amazing price EVER, but also ….

• Delivered it to my door (ok – the Starbucks in my complex – but most of you know I live there,
more than my own apartment sometimes!)

• Walked me around the car and through everything and then some.

• Brought and Explained all the paperwork (that needed signing)

• And did this ALL within about 15 minutes … plus, they drove my old Lease away and has checked up on me a multitude of ways since (sent a letter, called, even sent a guy from the dealership to my office at lunch, to assist in the syncing of my Bluetooth when it was clearly an “operator error” – hey, I’m new to this stuff!)

Anyhow ….I’ve been in the automotive industry for about 10+ years now (which is still considered new to some), but I’ve been a Consumer ALL my life (I know!)
And I have never in my life had better service, anywhere, than when buying this car through Fleet Direct…therefore, like all good folks do – you promote those that deserve it (and maybe shun those that don’t) and they deserve my support and your business!

If you are in the market for a New/Used/Certified vehicle and want to Buy/Lease – I highly-highly suggest, recommend and support them.
They are honest and Direct (when sending over my “wish list and price point” – I was kindly told … that my wish list and price point don’t match – hahaha, go figure!  But, hey – I got a great car, so somehow they figured it out!)

Rami B. was the one who assisted me and while I get nothing out of this email but the satisfaction of helping others – I encourage you to try them and/or at least tell your friends – this could save you (and them) a Lot of money!

Good Luck!”

Sherrell K.
2009 Audi A4 2.0T

“Please feel free to use us as a reference any time...

The service that Rami provides at Fleet Direct is nothing short of excellent. My wife and I were in the market for a 2009 Honda Accord and after getting the run around with local dealerships, we decided to give a broker a try. We had Rami recommended to us by a friend and we were so happy that we went with him. After we gave him the specs, he delivered our car to our door, we took it for a drive, and signed the paperwork. The entire process took about 30 minutes. My advice is to go to the dealerships and test drive, see what you like (have the specs ready, including extended warranties), give Rami a call and you won't be disappointed. We even had our Lo Jack installed through one of his contacts and Rami called the following day to make sure everything had gone smoothly. He truly treats you with the highest level of professionalism from beginning to end. From now on, this is the way we're going to buy our cars.

Thanks a million Rami...”

Lori & Alex A.

"I wanted to extend my utmost gratitude to Fleet Direct for a car buying experience that has been nothing less than exceptional! What struck me was the level of INTEGRITY under which this company operates.

Rami, my sales associate was professional, had an impressive and vast knowledge base, was extremely candid, and was 100% invested in finding a car that would work best for me without bias. He was available at all times to answer questions, displayed great patience, and paid great attention to detail; truly a rare gem in the world of business and communication.

I was not only offered the best price upfront which was well below the true market value, but was also given an extremely low financing rate (in spite of being a first time buyer) and the trade-in value of my old car that could not be matched! The signing and delivery of my civic coupe took less than 20 minutes, all without having to step one foot into a dealership! I was also pleasantly surprised to find that my vehicle had additional equipment/accessories installed free of charge.

As with most things these days you have to expect something to go wrong, particularly when you are relying on another person, but I can�t tell you how great it felt to know I was getting a wonderful deal in a short frame of time with a broker who pulled out all of the stops. Not only did he follow up with me after delivery, but when my car got rear ended on the freeway that same day, he took me to a repair shop and inspected the car for me after the repairs had been made! Who does that?!

When it comes to making a big purchase, it is natural to think that you are your biggest advocate. For those of you who are skeptical about using a broker, make Fleet Direct your exception. The only difference from buying the car yourself is a lot less hassle, frustration, and stress. They have developed all the relationships and have done all the leg work for you. I think in this day and age, we as consumers should continue to support those in the business that are hard working and make an honest living!

Thanks again Fleet Direct!"

Lana B.
Honda Civic Coupe

"I love my car and my experience with Fleet Direct! I will highly recommend your services to my friends and family. I especially appreciate your help in setting up the sale of my Volvo to the dealer in Irvine. It was effortless and I believe that everyone felt like they got a fair deal. Your professionalism and enthusiasm is very hard to find. I�ll look forward to working with you again in the future. Kind regards,"

Patti L.
BMW 328i

"Thank you so much for your fabulous assistance in purchasing my new car. Not only did I get the best price, the car was delivered directly to me, I never had to enter a dealership, and you were incredibly patient with me. All my questions were answered with a smile! There�s no doubt in my mind that I will never consider traditional means of purchasing or leasing a car again. In fact, I was on the phone last night with several people interested in purchasing a new vehicle in the near future, and they will be calling you very soon. Thanks again, Rami; you�re the best!"

Sue L.
2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

"I wanted to ensure you that my wife and I will recommend Fleet Direct anytime someone we know is going to purchase or lease a car. Having you find the exact make, model, color, features and every other item we requested in the price range we requested was magnificent. The Pi�ce de r�sistance of this transaction was not having to haggle at our local car dealer with all the vultures. It was equally impressive to have our paperwork ready to go at the dealership where we picked our car up! We look forward to our next purchase (maybe even lease) with your company. Thank you for making our new car buying experience a breeze."

Sage L.
Toyota 4Runner

"It was honestly the easiest and most stress-free car buying experience that I have been a part of. I got the exact car that I wanted for the exact price that I wanted, and all I had to do was take 20 minutes out of my day to sign the papers and pick it up! You were friendly, well-organized and efficient. And, I got a thorough run down of my car before driving away. It was all the fun of buying/leasing a car, without the pressure and confusion that can go along with it. I will definitely be back in the future! Thanks so much!"

Katie S.
Volkswagon Jetta

"I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how much I love my new Nissan Altima and how much I appreciate the experience I had with Fleet Direct. No one ever looks forward to buying a car. All of those hours spent in fluorescent lit car dealerships with cheesy car salesmen that are only after one thing- the customer's money- are far from ideal. I knew it was time to buy a new car and was dreading having to go out into the war zone of dealerships and salesmen. Thank goodness I was contacted by Fleet Direct! Buying a new car did not have to take up hours of my free time or cause me the stress of trying to figure out what I could afford. Fleet Direct did everything for me- the shopping, the haggling, the financing, and even delivered my car right to my own home- all at no cost to me. Knowing that I could have the piece of mind that Fleet Direct has found me the very best deal possible is priceless and I am so grateful. I will never set foot in a car dealership again! I will use Fleet Direct for all of my future purchases from now on and will also recommend your services to all of my friends. Thanks again for making my car buying experience so enjoyable!"

Jessica C.
Honda Accord & Nissan Altima

"Our family has purchased three cars through Fleet Direct � from a high end Lexus SC-430, a Scion XA, and a hard to get Prius. The service is always excellent and I can�t tell you how much time and hassle it takes out of the car buying experience. Great price � car delivered to your home � never have to visit the dealer � I will always buy my cars with Fleet Direct!!!!!!"

Scott B.
Lexus SC430 & Scion XA & Toyota Prius

"My experience with Fleet Direct was exceptional! I couldn't have asked for more. The process was so easy & Fleet Direct was great with every aspect of our purchase, from getting the most for our trade-in to getting the best possible deal on our new car...and the best part is that it cost me nothing! Before, I cringed at the thought of going to a dealership to buy a car & dealing with a bunch of salespeople that run you around in circles. Now that I have found Fleet Direct, I never have to again! I love my Nissan Armada & I would never buy another vehicle from anyone else. Thanks for all your hard work...you truly provide "a new buying experience!"

Lina & Clayton P.
Nissan Armada LE

"My experience with Fleet Direct: One stop shop for any car one wants. I didn�t have to go to any dealership they all came to me. Best and fastest service. Best possible price. I got what I wanted the day I wanted for the price I wanted. Best part of it is I didn�t have to go to the dealership and wait for hours, the car (Acura TL) was delivered to my house. Signed the papers and got the keys within 15 minutes. I recommend Fleet Direct to everyone. I have referred over 15 friends and family members� All had great experience and will only buy thru Fleet Direct from now on. Thank you for the great service!"

Michael B.
Acura TL

"I have bought 2 cars a 2003 Mercedes S55 and a 06 Chevy Corvette with Fleet Direct. Both experiences have been excellent I didn't think buying a car could be so easy. I have bought numerous cars prior to dealing with Fleet Direct and every time I felt like the car was not even worth buying because the long arduous tasks of negotiating, the run around the trades and so many middle men between the time you walk in the door and the time you drive away. I would always recommend Fleet Direct because they handle everything from A-Z. My last purchase which was the Corvette I was done in 15 minutes and I didn't even have to go to the dealer, Fleet Direct had the Vette delivered so it was truly a sign and drive experience. I am also trying to find a Ferrari and my 1st call was to Fleet Direct not some other middle level salesman. Thanks For all the hard work!"

Carl S.
Mercedes-Benz S55 & Chevrolet Corvette C6 & Toyota Avalon Limited

"Fleet Direct handled every aspect of my new car purchase as promised. Their services are efficient and professional. I will not hesitate to use Fleet Direct in the future."

Dr. Jeff Z.
Porsche 911 (996) Carrera Coupe

"I wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for assisting me purchasing my Subaru Outback Sport. Your professionalism and sense of urgency got me into my new vehicle quickly and painlessly, not to mention at a fantastic price! In fact, when someone in my network is looking to buy a new vehicle I advise them to use your services. When the time comes to purchase a new car I will definitely be calling you! Thanks again,"

Brian G.
Subaru Outback Sport

"If you are thinking of purchasing a new/previously owned car, please contact Fleet Direct Auto Brokers Inc. My experience with dealing with them was very positive and I highly recommend their services if you are looking for a pain free purchase or a lease."

Tuti N.
BMW 525i

"After contacting two BMW dealers on line and physically going to two car lots I could not find the specific car I wanted. I had very specific needs and desires of the vehicle, model, color, trim, etc� After being told about Fleet Direct Auto Brokers I contacted Rami and relayed my desired vehicle to him. Fleet Direct immediately located my perfect vehicle and reserved it for me, very straight forward. The vehicle was delivered to my front door and the paper work was signed at my home. How convenient! No car lots, no car sales people or managers and no finance department to deal with. Fleet Direct found the perfect vehicle, right financing and delivered the vehicle to me with no glitches! I would highly recommend Fleet Direct Auto Brokers and will definitely use their services again."

Jerry B.
BMW 328ci

"Fleet Direct is the way to go... Smooth, Honest, and Quick transaction. No need to deal with hassle from a dealer that just wants to make a sale. I would definitely refer them to all my friends and colleagues. Thanks Fleet Direct."

Omar N.
Range Rover Sport HSE

"I crashed my car and needed a car fast. I wasn't sure where to begin. I called Fleet Direct and explained that I needed a car and that I needed a low monthly payment. I thought for sure I would have to settle for a vehicle that I didn't want because I had a bankruptcy 2 years back. Frankly, I was beside myself with the accident and I just didn't want to deal with any of the hassle. Calling Fleet Direct was the best thing I could have done. I thought I would have to wait a while to find a good deal since I didn't have a lot to choose from. Fleet Direct called me back that day and we got the ball rolling. Once I decided on the car I wanted, they took care of the rest. All I had to do was sign the papers on the day they had my brand new car delivered to my house. I can't even begin to express to them how thankful I am for basically taking the burden off of my shoulders. When you are looking to buy a car you would be foolish if you didn't call Fleet Direct. You can't go wrong."

Jaimie B.
Toyota Corolla

"Thank you again for helping me get my Camry! You are so on it & I still can�t believe how fast & painless everything was. Keep up the good work!"

Nicole O.
Toyota Camry & Nissan Altima

"Thanks again for the service, help and the savings. My wife loves the car and by the way, Ralph the person that Delivered the car was great, just a super guy. This was a great buying experience and we�ll recommend this to everyone. Thanks Again!"

Frank A.
Lexus IS250

"I just had to drop you a line and tell you how impressed I am with the way you handled my new car deal. This was the easiest and best car deal I have ever experienced. I am 54 years old and I have purchased a couple dozen cars over the years, and the worst part of it, every time was the amount of time you have to spend at the dealership! You got me approved and in my new car so quickly, and then delivered it to my home, WOW what a convenience. I will buy my cars through Fleet Direct from now on! And I have a couple of friends that will be contacting you real soon. THANKS AGAIN,"

Dennis D.
Chrysler 300

"My wife and I searched for the perfect car, and we found it in the Toyota Prius. But we couldn't find the other two parts of the equation: a good dealer and a great price. We started our two-month search in Reno, and branched out into neighboring towns since we have only three dealers in about a 100 mile radius of Reno. Dealers here know that, so they were not budging on price. Given the tax incentives, the low financing deals, and the rising gas prices (over $3 per gallon!) - the dealers weren't budging from the "MSRP". One dealer even told us, "MSRP is MSRP, sorry." Well - that set us on a mission - to find our dream car at an incredible price. We called approximately 30 dealers all over the West Coast - from Portland, Boise, Redding, Sacramento, San Francisco, L.A., and Las Vegas. The most common responses (if we even got a call back) were: "We don't have the car you want - in fact, no one on the West Coast does, but we have X alternative.", and "We have that car, but we aren't going to deal with invoice.", or "Yeah - we can get you that car." - and then no call back, or "Well, if you can find a better deal - I'd go for it."

So, we continued our search on the internet, which was equally disappointing except for one bit of hope - we found a referral on a Prius chat group online that mentioned they had a good experience with Fleet Direct. Having lost almost all hope - we called. Even though they are headquartered in Irvine and we were 550 miles away in Reno we decided to give them a shot. We called the number on their website and got in touch with Rami Baroudi, the owner of Fleet Direct. We told him exactly what we wanted, a 2007 Prius, Touring Edition in Package #6, in Gray or Silver. He called back in an hour and a half and told us he had that exact car in Gray or Silver. We asked him the price, expecting to have to haggle and be disappointed. He told us it was at invoice (which is $3,000 under MSRP). We asked him how to proceed from there, and all he needed was a few bits of info for a credit application for the dealer to hold the car for us and we were set.

That night I bought a one-way ticket to Orange County, and slept as restlessly as a kid on Christmas Eve! The next morning Rami picked me up at the airport in Newport Beach and took me to the dealer to get our new car. All I had to do was fill out the customary forms at the dealer and get the keys! That was it! There were no surprises, no dealer markups, no extra charges for Rami's service - nothing but the invoice price! The flight time (~1.25 hours), drive time (9 hrs), the flight cost ($130), and the cost of gas to get from Anaheim to Reno ($38) was well worth it for the price of the car, the ease of the transaction, and the professionalism that Fleet Direct exhibited during the whole process. He even called to make sure I made it back to Reno safely and that the car was functioning properly!

I highly recommend the services of Fleet Direct to anyone who wants a stress-free and intimidation-free car buying experience along with a professional staff to deal directly with the dealers so you don't have to! Fleet Direct did in an hour and a half what dealers and I couldn't do in 2 months! Thanks Fleet Direct!" Life-long Customers,"

Christian and Joni
Reno, Nevada
Toyota Prius

"We purchased two cars through Fleet Direct (my wife's Acura and my Subaru). Both times things went smoothly. We were happy with the service we received and the price we paid. Because of the lack of competition in Vegas (only one Acura & one Subaru dealer) the prices (and doc fees) were very high. It was well worth the trouble of going to Orange County to pick up the cars."

Bill O.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Acura TSX & Subaru Outback Wagon

"Recently, I found myself needing another car and was referred to Fleet Direct. What a terrific experience! Within 24 hours of giving them my vehicle specifications, I drove my new car off the dealer�s lot. Fleet Direct's commitment to customer service and satisfaction was unmatched. In my judgment, this is the only way to purchase a car. Sincerely,"

Dorinda S.
Toyota Camry

"Since 1993, I�ve purchased over eleven cars, none through an auto brokerage. Too bad I didn�t meet you sooner. Never again will I go into a car dealer without you. You are extremely knowledgeable, trustworthy and a great service to have on our side when purchasing a car. For once in my car buying history did I have someone on my side that was patient, understanding and fought for me every step of the way. What would have taken me days to negotiate a deal was done in thirty minutes. Thank you very much and I look forward to do business with you again. Sincerely,"

Terry Y.
BMW 330ci/ Land Rover Range Rover

"Thank you so much for helping me to purchase my new 2007 BMW 335ci. I adore the car and it is like a rocket ship. This is one HOT car. It gets a lot of attention. You completely took the hassle out of buying the car. I never even left my office and the order was perfect. I got exactly what I wanted for the best possible deal. Thank you for helping to secure the best possible value for my trade. It was hard to say goodbye to my old friend, but the new Beamer is so much fun to drive!!!! I�ll be sure to refer my friends, co-workers, and family to you for future purchases. Regards,"

Laura E.
BMW 335ci

"I wanted to send you just a quick note to thank you for your help in getting me a new car last month. I visited three dealerships in my quest to learn about and purchase a new Honda. At each of the dealerships I went to, in spite of my opening comments, that I only wanted purchase price and lease information for comparison, and that I had no intention of making a purchase on that visit, each salesman attempted to pressure me to buy on the spot. Attempting to buy a car is a frustrating experience. That is until I called you. I told you what I wanted and within a half hour you had located my vehicle, gotten my information for the lease on my new Honda Accord, and completed the deal...a better deal, I might add, than any offer presented by the three other dealerships. As you arranged, the dealership brought the car to me and within fifteen minutes I had checked out the vehicle, signed the papers, and they gave me the keys. Effortless! What a relief from my many frustrating past experiences.

Rami, thank you for your excellent, efficient and satisfying service. I will gladly recommend your auto broker service to others."

Andy A.
Henderson, NV
Honda Accord SE V6